Parish Priest:
Fort Cochin-682 001
Phone Number:
+91 484 2215799

Liturgical Timing: 


Sundays      Weekdays

5.30 a.m.       6.00 a.m.

6.45 a.m.       7.00 a.m

8.00 a.m .      6.00 p.m.

9.15 a.m.

4.30 p.m.( English)


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Titular Feast: Holy Cross- November 14th Other feasts,

Our Lady of Most Holy Rosary -1st Sunday of October,

Our Lady of Fatima - December 31st,

Perpetual Novena to Our Lady of help on Saturdays at 5.45 p.m.


St Josephs Church at Adhikarivalappu,

St Anthonys Chapel at Pattalam,

St Judes Chapel at Pattalam,

St Anthonys Chapel at Kunnumpuram,

St Jacobs Chapel at Chirattappalam,

Little Flower Chapel at Kunnumpuram,

The Cemetery Chapel of All Souls at Vely,

The Fatima Shrine near the Basilica

Fort Cochin



1500 - Portuguese arrival

The history of Santa Cruz Basilica begins with the arrival of Portuguese missionaries along with the second basilicaPortuguese fleet under Pedro Álvares Cabral on December 24, 1500AD. The Cochin King Godha Varma I received them very warmly. This caused the Zamorin of Calicut to declare war against Cochin. But the Portuguese army under Commander Dom Afonso de Albuquerque who reached Cochin in 1503 defeated the enemies of the King of Cochin and in return he gave them permission to build a fort in Cochin.

1505 - Building the 1st church

In 1505, Dom Francisco de Almeida the first Portuguese Viceroy got permission from the Cochin Raja to build a church edifice using stones and mortar which was unheard of at that time as the local prejudices were against such a structure for any purpose other than a royal palace or a temple. The foundation stone of the Santa Cruz church was laid on May 3, 1505, the feast day of the ‘Invention of the Holy Cross’, hence the magnificent edifice when completed was named Santa Cruz. This Church was located on the eastern side of the present Children’s Park, Fort Cochin.

1558 - Raising to the Status of Cathedral

In 1558, Pope Paul IV, raised the Santa Cruz Church to the status of a Cathedral along with the foundation of the Cochin diocese as the second diocese in India. Afterwards when the Dutch conquered Cochin in 1663, they destroyed all catholic buildings. Only the St. Francis Church and the Cathedral escaped this fate. The Dutch made the Cathedral their arms storehouse. Later it fell into the hands of the British who demolished it when they took over Cochin in 1795. One of the decorative granite pillars of the destroyed Cathedral is still kept as a monument at the southeastern corner of the present Basilica premises.

1887 - Rebuilding the Cathedral

About 100 years later, Bishop D. Joao Gomes Ferreira (1887-1897) who reached Cochin took initiative to erect the present Cathedral and commenced the construction, but it was the next bishop, D. Maheus de Oliveira Xavier (1897-1909) who completed the edifice. The Cathedral was consecrated on November 19, 1905 by Dom Sebastiao Jose Pereira, Bishop of Damao.

1984 - Raising to Basilica

Considering the antiquity, artistic dignity and historical significance, Blessed Pope John Paul II, by his Decree Constat Sane Templum Sanctae Cruci of December 19, 1984, raised the Santa Cruz Cathedral to the status of Basilica.

2004 - Celebrating the Quincentenary

Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica is a Roman Catholic place of worship that celebrated five centuries of its existence only very recently in 2004.