LISA Electronics

In the early years the Cochin Social Service Society had been giving overwhelming importance in generating employment by starting and running industrial/manufacturing units. A decade and a half ago there were more than a dozen such units functioning under the direct management of the Society, to name some of those:  Jubilee Engineering Industrials, Jubilee Automobile workshop, Aroma Curry powder units, Jubilee Oil Mill Industries, Jubilee Garments, Techno Craft, Fish processing unit, etc. In the later years, as a matter of policy CSSS drifted away from the centralized pattern of conducting employment schemes with the thrust switched over to people owned and managed enterprises coinciding with the promotion of community based organisation – WIDS and Self Help Groups.  

Notwithstanding, there is a single unit named LISA Electronics is still in vogue with CSSS playing a major role in it. The unit started in 2000 with CSSS making the initial capital investment and is located at Neendakara, Alleppey District manufactures electronic voltage stabilizers with the technical collaboration and market support of V-Guard Industries and is managed by registered women society “Ladies In Social Action” under the guidance of CSSS.  Presently 35 girls are working in this unit providing for an annual turnover of over Rs. 20 million per annum.