Vidya Jyothi



The Higher Education fund has been instituted with the view to promoting the students of the Diocese, especially the poor, to pursue higher education. The initiative was taken against the backdrop of the rocketing expenses of higher education. The objective of such an initiative is to prevent the situation in which many of our brilliant students have had to drop their dreams of higher education owing to the scarcity of funds. The Administration of the Fund will be managed by Vidya Jyothi Public Charitable Trust that came into existence on 19th December 2013. 


The Higher Education Fund has two parts:


(i) Scholarship Fund - The Scholarship Fund would be mobilized with the help of generous benefactors and by reducing the expenditures on celebrations. 


(ii) Deposit Scheme- Deposit Scheme is the amount deposited on a weekly basis by each student for his/her education. The amount deposited thus will be returned to them with interest for their higher education. Moreover, the students who have membership in the Deposit Scheme will be given a certain amount as scholarship from the Scholarship Fund.

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