The Society went ahead with its strenuous effort to stabilize and sustain the initiative in the fisheries sector addressing the traditional fishermen inhabiting both the coastal slums and the islands. In effect, there has been overwhelming response to CSSS initiative in the allied fisheries sectors as compared to the captive sector, which may have to be seen in the context that the youngsters no longer want to remain in the traditional but hazardous occupation with diminishing returns. Of late, it has been noticed that there are considerable women working in fish processing / prawn peeling units for subsistence in de-human condition being under paid and maltreated. As per data available there are 254 peeling units existing in the area and whenever local availability of prawns fall short, the raw material is brought from the neighbouring States. Through CSSS intervention and systematic involvements the unorganized and exploited inland women fish workers have been brought under organization frame work with Self Help Groups formed at the base and KUFF (Kerala United Fisheries Forum) as their federative setup. An outstanding achievement in this respect could be highlighted to be legitimization of the scattered inland fish workers under the allied category of fish workers and their enrolment under the provision of Statutory Welfare Fund operated through Matsyafed, a govt. undertaking. In the meantime 4929 persons could establish access with the welfare benefits and developmental assistances under the government provisions which includes pension, medical assistance, marriage assistance, maternity benefits, widow pension, housing & sanitation, accident insurance, occupational assistance/loans, children’s education, etc.

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