Radio Maria


Radio Maria is a non a governmental organization (NGO) with a spiritual mission. It broadcasts contemporary Catholic messages in keeping with the doctrines of the church through a network of radio stations throughout the world. It makes a consistent effort to resound globally the call of the gospel for the conversion of the whole world.


Born in 1983 as a parish radio at Erba in Italy, Radio Maria has by now spread over fifty four countries with its specific mission to carry the message of Mary, the Virgin Mother of Jesus to the whole world. The growth of Radio Maria has been dramatic ever since its origin as a parish radio station in Arcellasco d'Erba, in the province of Como in the Diocese of Milan. Thanks to the collaboration of the determined and committed individuals with different ecclesiastical backgrounds, in 1987 Radio Maria was redesigned in three years' time. Soon it made such a seminal impact all over Italy that in 1990 Radio Maria was considered to be a Italian national network. Challenging its obscure birth and energized by its holy mission, today this wireless instrument of evangelization, counting thirty in number, has grown leaps and bounds all over the world ushering in a spiritual renaissance.

Radio Maria in India

To realize the dreams of thousands of Radio Maria listeners, with the blessing of Msgr. Joseph kariyil, the bishop of the diocese of Cochin, Radio Maria Association (India) has launched its fraternal station at Aroor, Kerala. Today, the majority of Indian Catholics who reside in Kerala and abroad can listen to Radio Maria in their mother tongue, Malayalam with the help of internet.


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