Sad Demise - Rev. Fr. Joseph Vadakkeveettil

This is to inform you all about the sad demise of our dear Rev. Fr. Joseph Vadakkeveettil, on Tuesday, 14th June, 2022, at 10, 20 am. We deeply mourn the sudden demise and stand by the bereaved family as support and strength. 

The mortal remains of Rev. Fr. Joseph Vadakkeveettil will be available to pay homage, from Wednesday (15.06.2022) 7.00 am at his residence, Neendakara. Funeral services will be held at 4:00 pm at St. Sebastian's Church, Neendakara.

He was Born on 10th July, 1957

Born in Heaven – 14 June 2022

He was ordained Priest on 28.12.1983 by Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Kureethara

He did his Priestly ministry:

Asst. Parish Priest at St Sebastian’s Church, Palluruthy – 03.01.1984 – 20.12.1984

Asst. Parish Priest at St Sebastian’s Church, Palluruthy – 03.01.1984 – 20.12.1984

Priest in Charge at St Joseph’s Church, Vallethode - 07.01.1986 to 16.03.1986

and became vicar there till 20.04.1991

Vicar of St Joseph’s Church, Kumbalam – 20.04.1991 to 25.06.1994

Send as a missionary to Esmeraldes, ECUADOR - 25.06.1994 to 14.08.2000

Vicar of St Joseph’s Church, N. Kumbalanghi – 15.08.2000 to 25.01.2004

Vicar of Holy Family Church, Nazareth – 25.01.2004 - 31.01.2010  

Vicar of St Augustine’s Church, Aroor – 31.01.2010 to 02.03.2014

Vicar of San Jose Church, Kumbalanghi – 02.03.2014 to 26.08.2018

Diocesan Director of the Family Units from 26.08.2018 to 25.04.2021

Also, Priest in Charge of Sacred Heart Church, Kumbalanghi in 2018 

Diocesan Procurator - 29.08.2019 to 25.04.2021

Additionally he served the diocese as,

Member of the College of Consulters to the Bishop during 2008 -2011

Advisory board member for Construction in 2020

Director of CIPT Press